One Italian Summer

OK. So here’s the story on this from my perspective. 

I finished it this morning and hours after completing it I chose to give it 4 out of 5. it’s kind of like 3.8 however the descriptions of Positano, Naples, Capri, climbing the Path of the Gods and more were simply lovely. 

Truth is it was these descriptions that earned the rating it did. Serle’s depictions had me. I can smell the ocean. I can see skies a shade of piercing blue you think is only described in books or created with graphics on the screen, but I believed it to be in front of me. I could taste the wine in every town )although that may have been the wine in my hand. Could go either way on that).

I climbed The path of the Gods and my thighs burned.  I sampled pizza at different restaurants in Naples, the city it was created, and I felt the anxiety, uneasiness and excitement all at once while taking a boat ride under the arch of the Faraglioni rocks, where if you kiss, your love will be sealed forever!

It was everything in Italy I have never seen, but dreamed of and was given to me in such a way I can see it again and again. This by virtue of opening a book and turning a page. 

Man I love books. 

Serle took me on vacation and I love her for it. 

Regarding the story itself, the concept was terrific. I was, for a while in fact, irritated with Katy for not being her own woman and so dependent on her mother Carol. I would be audibly frustrated while reading. Lines like “Oh my God just grow a second skin, make a decision and live with it!!!!”

Later, I realized the how and why’s of it. I cast judgement on her too quickly as a reader.  I now understood. 

Serle then threw a pair of twists I thought clever and all in all it wrapped things up neatly and well. 

Want to visit Positano and read a good story? One Italian Summer will work well for that.