The Who and The What, Which is Me


Dad and me – Saratoga 1977

No matter what age I live to, my life is too short to read a book I don’t enjoy.  That means, if I am going to recommend a book to someone, I need to be as respectful of their time, as I am my own.

So when I choose a book I do so because (a) the summary has me relatively interested in the subject matter and (b) the reviewers offer enough detail without spoilers to let me know if I want to go for a ride with these characters.

However, there are times, albeit rarely, that I will find a book I seem keen on and it doesn’t grip me.  Mind you, I won’t shut it down straight away.  I give it at least a hundred pages-to-a third of the book to make my decision.  If we don’t jive, I move along.  It doesn’t mean it isn’t a good book.  it just means it is not good for me.

This is why, if you read my reviews, they’re positive.  I write about books I liked.  Books that impacted me.  Books with a wonderful writing style.  Books that have memorable characters.  I will tell you what I like, and you choose your own course of action.

Life is too short to read books we don’t like and when your downtime is limited because of other responsibilities, you want the book you read to be worth it.  You want it to take you away.  To introduce you to people.  To visit someplace you have never been.  Sometimes it’s just to know that there are so many other people out there who are just as nuts as we are.

So here is what I suggest you do.  Take a peek at my reviews and find a book you have already read that you loved.  Read what I have written about it.  If we have similar feelings then find another review and read that.  Who knows? We may love the same books.  We may have completely differing tastes.  Even the latter can be a benefit to you too.  If you hate my taste in modern-day literature and I can’t stop raving about a book, you know to stay the hell away from it.


My name is Patrick J. Kerrison, and I thank you for visiting.