Farmhands Shifted To Different Pastures 

Sigh. This is why you don’t let yourself get attached.

After seeing seven games this season of the Trenton Thunder, the Yankees AA affiliate, I got to see some of the young talent baseball pundits across the country have been talking about since the 2016 trade deadline.

Here we are, one year later and we let go of some of that talent, but in return the Yankees are stronger than they have been all season. With two months to go and leading the AL East, Yankee fans like me are very excited.

But truth be told, I started getting used to seeing some of these kids play and I found myself looking forward to seeing them again each time I buy a ticket.

But here is the thing: farm teams are not designed to win championships. Yes, it is great if they do. But the focus is on the development and education of the professional ballplayer.

In other words, don’t get too attached.

Now, that being said, the Thunder have won an average of better than two of every three games they’ve played, were the 2016 Eastern League Champs, and look to repeat in 2017.

But that’s with a whole new set of guys than last year. These arent the same lineups from last year. THAT is pretty darn strong.

And even though they had to let go of a handful of talented kids, the depth of Yankee farm teams are so solid, I am not 100% certain the Yankees are losing out.

Don’t read that the wrong way, though. That is NOT to discount the talent of those traded. We would not have gotten the seriously solid ballplayers we did by trading second rate men. These guys are going to be big leaguers for sure. I’d bet money on it.

But it IS a testament to how many good players we have waiting in the wings.

However, I AM going to miss some of these kids.

Zack Littell

First, Zack Littell was sent to the Twins. This was a bummer to me. He always looked to be having a great time, and was professional on the bump. But when I tell you this kids hammer is special, believe me

Dear Lord this guy’s curveball is FFFFFFFILTHY! I have seen him several times and each time I went and he pitched he got the win. I am not saying it was me….but baseball has been known to foster an environment where superstitious myths have their place …. I’m just wondering if I need to root for Chattanooga now 😆

Side note: 20 years ago the first minor league hat I ever bought? Chattanooga Lookouts.

Yefrey Ramirez

Next I hear Yefrey Ramirez was sent to Baltimore for some bonus something or other. Rats!!! That was a bummer because I liked watching this kid pitch too.

The day I saw him pitch I texted a couple of pics to friends saying remember this face….remember this name. They remembered when I told them he is now part of the Orioles organization.

Jorge Mateo’s first At Bat in AA

And of course, Jorge Mateo gets shipped to the A’ s farm team. I was at Trenton for his first game. Watched him get his first hit. Watched him get picked at second on his first SB attempt in AA and watched him use that glove like a magician at shortstop. Oh this kid is going to be good.

This April the Yankees entered the season with arguably the best or second best farm club in MLB. Today, they may be third.

Third, in my opinion, doesn’t suck, baseball fans. Not. At. All.

I see #28 closer than I have in years….but I will be rooting for Littell, Ramirez and Mateo along the way.

One thought on “Farmhands Shifted To Different Pastures 

  1. Was a pleasure watching these guys in Tampa. They were all solid citizens and always had time for the fans. I think the Yankees are going to be especially sorry to see Littell go to the Twins. Watch him be the next Frank Viola. That being said both Mateo and Zack are Brett off with the A’s and Twins, they will get to the Majors much faster and the Twins appreciate a true innings eater “pitcher” vice a flame thrower.


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