How About That?

Following the Somerset Patriots this summer has been a blast. I have never spent this much time following them so closely.  Either I lived out of state, or in-state and no where near Bridgewater, or more often than not I was working a second job across the street at The Home Depot and never made the time for it.

Well, now I am local, working one gig after leaving the greatest retailer in the world (I will forever love the Home Depot), have night’s and weekends free and have followed the Patriots  everyday since the early part of May.

What fun!

They do, however, make it easy largely in part of their app.  Yes it will crash here and there but overall it’s well done.

Part of the app’s ppeal is it’s reward program. Such a terrific way for fans to interact with their local ballclub.

I admit I am on their app several times a day but that is only because they give me reason to  be.  Constantly updated with news, events, promos, advertisements actually worth clicking on, and a seemingly countless number of ways to earn points in their “My Rewards” program.

I believe their rewards program is fantastic –  sans the few people who try and take advantage of it – and is such a great way to rack up points simply by paying attention.

I earned about 600 or more points, called in 500 of then for a couple of foul balls. Then decided I want to accumulate about 1,000 points to interview not a player, but a Mascot out of uniform.  Their SVP of Marketing Dave Marek agreed and thinks it might be a fun idea.  Neat, right? It could make for a fun blog post. I am doing my research to make it worth my while AND the make it worth both the while and time of Sparkee and Slider.

I tell you that to tell you this… This past Wednesday while vacationing in Seabrook Island, SC (but keeping my Patriots close), they ran a randomly selected contest called “I Want It Wednesday.” Simply explained each week there is a giveaway which one can enter by using their reward points. Enter as often as you like, provided you have enough points to support it.

This past week it was something that totally caught my eye and interest.  An Official Atlantic League 20th Anniversary baseball autographed by all the Somerset Patriots … The First Half Champs!

Getting closer to my 1,000 point goal and a sit with Sparkee and Slider, I figured I have a bit of time to earn enough points for my interview … so I decided, what the heck, it’s 50 points.

So I entered the contest and gave up 50 points.

Then I did it again.  And again. Entered three times for 150 points.

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Sunday afternoon while driving through North Carolina I get an email telling me In had won the ball.

How about that?

Just the night before while at a Charleston Riverdogs game I caught a foul ball there.

I will pick up Wednesday when I hit TD Bank Ballpark for the All Star Game.

Seriously, you’d think I was 12 again I was so happy.

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